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reprinted from Preservation Texas
"Up until the time the Richters sold their New Braunfels' downtown building, the family lived in an upstairs loft and worked downstairs in the pharmacy they owned. They walked to church, to J. C. Penney's and enjoyed a very short commute from home to work - no traffic jams. They were loft dwellers for 54 years, finally closing the pharmacy and moving in 1964. Now the Hartmans live in the loft apartment and have for 6 years. A clothing store has recently opened downstairs. Loft living is not a new concept. Many families often lived above their places of business. It was a way of life combining convenience and sound economics. And, Texans are returning to this way of life and to their downtowns in increasing numbers."

Houston has had lots of loft options available long before it was popular. We has assembled a list of what is currently available throughout Houston/Galveston.

Authentic Warehouse-Style Houston Lofts

These are the authentic Houston lofts created from historic warehouse buildingsin the Downtown Houston area. Many are just large open spaces that you can divide yourself, and make great live/work spaces. Historic lofts come with some drawbacks (like drafty windows), but those who love this style of living think it's a small price to pay for the lifestyle.

Houston Luxury Lofts

Also called "Soft Lofts", these Houston loft buildings are relatively new and most have modern luxury amenities like granite counters, stainless appliances, hardwoods and insulated windows, however they usually retain some of the loft design elements like exposed ductwork, brick walls and open spaces.